Banaba-Cerca Pump Irrigation Project

Tambo Balagbag PIP is set to irrigate a total of 12 hectares of agricultural lands and will benefit a total of 24 farmers belonging to Samahan ng Agresibong Magsasaka ng Tambo Balagbag and Irrigators Association Inc. while the Banaba Cerca PIP targets to irrigate also a total of 12 hectares with 11 farmer-beneficiaries under Banaba Cerca Farmers and Irrigators Association Inc.

Anyone who has lifted water up from a well or river and carried it any distance will know of the energy this takes. It is therefore not surprising that humans have looked for ways to reduce the workload and increase the efficiency of lifting water over the years. The first recorded mechanism for lifting water was in the Egyptian times (over 4000 years ago)!

More recently, pumps requiring either manual labour (treadle pumps) or fuel (petrol, diesel or electricity) have led the way in moving water for irrigation. These water pumps are designed to move more water to the field with less effort for the farmer. They have largely succeeded in this; however, they are still relatively demanding. They require a lot of maintenance, a regular supply of fuel (either human energy or fossil fuel) and someone to watch over them as they operate.

Solar-powered water pumping systems can find application in town water supply, livestock watering, and irrigation. The solar-powered irrigation system is an application of a solar-powered water pumping system used in paddy fields, and gardens for watering plants, vegetables, etc.

The two irrigation projects kick started the construction last June 2022 and completed ahead of time in December 2022. Engr. De Jesus highlighted the Agency's willingness to support the agriculture sector to achieve food security. 

Solar Powered Irrigation System (SPIS) irrigation system powered by solar energy, using PV technology, which converts. solar energy into electrical energy to run a DC or AC motor-based water pump.

To grow the highest quality crops in the most efficient way they must have the right amount of water at the right time. Too little or too much water will lead to crops wilting, soil erosion and poor nutrient uptake of the plants. Irrigation is the controlled application of water to respond to crop needs.

On behalf of the Municipal Mayor of Indang, Engr. Alona Yap, Community Affairs Officer extends her gratitude to NIA for putting this kind of project in the municipality of Indang. She mentioned that this kind of interventions will greatly help the agriculture in the municipality. “Napakagandang programa ito dahil una sa lahat ito ay libre. Napakahalaga ng patubig sa produksyon ng gulay at prutas”, Engr. Yap said.

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