Pililla Windmills

Why go as far as Bangui if there is already a wind farm in Pililla Rizal? Yes, the same company which operates Bangui Windmills in Ilocos Norte is constructing a wind farm in Rizal and it is not yet operational but one can already see the completed towers up close. This post will tell you how.

Pililla Windmills in Rizal are on top of the hills overlooking the beautiful plains of Tanay Rizal on one side and Laguna on the other. Of course you also get a very good view of Laguna de Bay. This is a welcome development in terms of renewable energy and a sure boost for local tourism in Rizal Province.

The Windmills of Pililla are rather scattered on the mountain so you don't get so much of a pattern except for around four or so. The grassland though makes for a dramatic backdrop and the rolling slopes around.

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