The Gateway to Pinatubo Volcano

Capas has relatively high ground, hilly places near the mountain range are at an approximate 46 meters. It is bordered by San Jose on the north, Tarlac City on the north-east, Concepcion on the east, Botolan, Zambales, on the west and south-west and Bamban on the rest of the southern parts. The west side of the town is mountainous while the east side is a plain. The town is also known as "The Gateway to Pinatubo Volcano." The town also consists of Hot springs and several freshwater lakes like the Tambo Lake. Capas is 107 kilometres (66 mi) from Manila and is 17 kilometres (11 mi) from the provincial capital, Tarlac City.

The municipality has a land area of 376.39 square kilometers or 145.32 square miles which constitutes 12.33% of Tarlac's total area. Its population as determined by the 2015 Census was 140,202. This represented 10.26% of the total population of Tarlac province, or 1.25% of the overall population of the Central Luzon region. Based on these figures, the population density is computed at 372 inhabitants per square kilometer or 965 inhabitants per square mile.

Many of the streams in the province contain small bits of petrified wood, fish, freshwater crabs, and other animals. Namria and Dingding creek merge as the two major tributaries to Lucong river in Concepcion. Most of Tarlac's waterways that originate from Mount Pinatubo pass through Capas, including the Bulsa Moriones River and Santa Lucia River that form Tarlac River.

The original Capas was Pagbatuan where the Aetas resides before the new settlers came to the now proper town of Capas. Barangay Cutcut, meaning "hole", "gorge" or "dug up hole", is known for its landfill where garbage from other municipalities is disposed. Malutung gabun or Red sand has a replica of Capas National Shrine which is sometimes featured on Philippine maps. Barangay Santo Rosario (Holy Rosary) has Villa De Santo Rosario, Rosary-ville, Small Tokyo which was formerly a Japanese Garrison hence its name, Pascuala which has the most poultries and piggeries in Capas it also has one of the most polluted tributaries to Lucong river because surrounding piggeries have made it wastewaters for pig excrement, despite protests, the government has taken little to no action regarding the pollution caused by piggeries. Pinagpala which has a sugar-cane farm, mango plantations, etc. Santo Rosario is also the location of Capas Public Cemetery or Cabu Santu, the original Capas cemetery was once located where the entrance way to Small Tokyo near the Barangay Hall. , as well as the San Nicolas De Tolentino Parish which is the town church that stands next to the Dominican College of Tarlac. Other schools in Capas include Capas East Central School, Capas High School (Formerly: Dolores High School), Gabaldon Elementary School, Montessori School of St. Nicholas among others. Wellspring High School and Capas Christian School are the new private schools.

Cubcub, Cut-Cut II, Santo Domingo I, Santo Domingo II, and Santo Rosario are the town's poblacion and location of the public market. Santa Rita is among the smallest barrios (barangays) of the municipality but has a church and school. Barangay Talaga is known for its production of Tinapa or smoked fish, Barangay Dolores has its garden plants and Santo Domingo has the Capas Junction which also has fast-food chains like the town proper. Barangay Aranguren (aling goring) is home to Poet Laureate Renato Alzadon, who is also known as the current "Ari ning Parnasong Capampangan" or "King of Capampangan Literature", it is also the location of Capas National Shrine, Sitio Kasulukan, Calumpit, Dalang Baka, Aquino Page Village (Kamatis) and Bullhorn. Barangay Manlapig has rice fields and is among the liveliest barangays during the evening. Barangay Lawy is known for being a place for many of the first Ilocano settlers in the municipality. Barangay Mangga (Mango) used to be filled with the fruit-bearing tree or presumably. Barangay Estrada is the last stop before reaching Tarlac City through McArthur highway. Patling, Santa Lucia, Bueno, Maruglu and Santa Juliana are mountainous and hilly while filled with vast lands and forest, presumably the place where the earliest settlers of the town stayed.

The town has built the Capas National Shrine. It was built and is maintained by the Philippine government as a memorial to the Filipino and American soldiers who died in Camp O'Donnell at the end of the Bataan Death March, which totals to almost 70,000 soldiers and back-up civilians.

This is a memorable site, for all Filipino and Americans veterans, that relate to Veterans Day in the Philippines. It was once a concentration camp subsequently serving as the burial grounds for thousands of Filipino and American soldiers who perished during World War II. The site was the ultimate destination point of the Bataan Death March involving Filipino and American soldiers who surrendered in Bataan on April 9, 1942.

Camp O'Donnell was a facility of the United States Air Force in Capas, Tarlac, Philippines. Before the facility was transferred to the Philippine Air Force, it was first a Philippine Constabulary post then a United States Army facility.

Another site, Santo Domingo Death March Marker, which is located in Capas were about 60,000 Filipino soldiers who were camped and eventually unloaded to start the second phase of the Death March.

With more than 100,000 populace, an area that is good enough for a city and an income close to ₱250,000,000 becoming a city is not impossible according to Rodriguez. Enshrouding more than 53 percent of this town's land area, the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) has included the municipality of Capas in the design of their Master Plan that is now in process, according to re-elected Mayor Antonio “TJ” Rodriguez.

New Clark City ground broke in 2016 and is envisioned as a Business Contingency Hub of the National Government where it serves as a backup office should Metro Manila experience emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, and other calamities. It is located in the BCDA reservation in Capas that used to be a test site of military aircraft when Clark Air Base was under control of the United States. NCC will also serve as the primary venue of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

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