Life during quarantine

My life has completely changed since being quarantined.

I was quarantine at the New Clark City Athletes’ Village, this is one of the facilities in New Clark City designated to accommodate COVID-19 cases. The other two are the National Government Administrative Center and the UP-PGH Polyclinic. 

During my stay, they provided free meals and drinking water, multivitamins, face masks and gloves, and hygiene kits. 

Coronavirus is all over the news, and seriously, if you have anxiety with all the covid 19 updates happening, please do not read on. 

Everyone’s emotions are running high, and there’s naturally going to be a lot of knee-jerk responses to the things happening around us. However, we must carefully consider the repercussions of what we say or don’t say. Heightened emotions are directly linked to long-term memory retention, so everything we say or do will be ingrained in the minds of others. 

Constant communication from family, relative, friends and office-mates help me to ease my anxiety.

The coronavirus hit us by surprise, and consumed us within five months. Nobody predicted that it would kill so many people, force countries to lockdown, shut schools and public places and put our life on hold. It hit us and now it's everywhere. It made the whole world bleed, and spreading like wildfire.

Humans are easily scared. Yes, this is a serious pandemic, but being afraid is not going to help. I think people are using it as another reason to be scared of the world and living. It makes me wonder if people are actually going to feel relief when this is over. Anxiety levels are high in every household, so we are not alone.

During this chaos, we then realize the weight of humanity, the implications of our actions and how we all are connected. While we wait for borders to be opened, so that we can go back home in the comfort of our bed, we hear the shouts of refugees louder, we 'empathize' with those who have been uprooted from their home, and force to flee, we understand their pain and suffering because we know how it feels. '

We know that we share only religion that is humanity, and this crisis is bringing humanity out of people.The world is changing, it is healing, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Pollution is being cleared off, the equilibrium is being restored, and at the end of this, the world will heal. There are so many lessons of humanity to take on from there: racism, health, love and how to embrace uncertainty and make something out of it!

Throughout this pandemic I have realized how important human interaction is to life. I do believe the world needed a rest because everyone was going nonstop. The biggest thing to come out of this is appreciation. Humans tend to forget that we take a lot of things for granted, and Mother Nature finally had enough.

A salute to COVID-19 Frontliners. To all healthcare workers and frontliners who are currently helping in the COVID-19 situation, we applaud your sacrifice and dedication to serve our fellow countrymen during this difficult time. Especially to the Provincial Government of Pampanga and the Municipal RHU of Porac, Pampanga.

Lastly, do not spread panic and “fear or insult” among others.

Let's spread awareness, whenever you find a Person Infected with Covid 19 in your neighborhood or near your workplace, being taken to Quarantine/Isolation Centre in an Ambulance, Pls do not take Video or Pictures, infact discourage the person who you find is making a video or taking photos.

Don’t embarrass the person! The person is just unwell, not a criminal. He will get cured but the memory of how people treated him, will stay with him forever!!

Instead stand in your Balcony or at your Window or your Gate a few feet away and  give him/her a thumbs up, wish him/her good luck and a Speedy Recovery.

Because the way the virus is spreading, soon you will find an Ambulance, infront of everybody’s gate / door. 

Please understand how this person must be going through.

Please respect them, pray for them, make them feel you are a good human being.

We are all in this fight together!! Let's spread love and build confidence.

Share your quarantine story with us! You can leave a message.

Thank you for reading. Please wash your hands. Laptops and phones carry a lot of bacteria and viruses, so please take care everyone. Sending huge virtual hugs and healing vibes. 

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"Let's spread love and build confidence." ✨✨✨✨✨✨

Congrats bro Unknown you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...