The last Honda TMX 155

Going back history, TMX is the most loved business model in the Philippines. Its unrivaled dominance for 37 years has earned respect to becoming the top of mind business model in the country until its last production on December 2013. Since its roll-off, the demand for its comeback is very high.

Now 10 months later, Honda Philippines, Inc. starts production of the new TMX125 Alpha. The line-off ceremony marks the continuation of TMX legacy for proven performance in terms of durability and ever-dependability. It is expected to strengthen more Honda’s grip on business segment as the new TMX125 Alpha completes the Honda Business pedigree.

Maintaining its classical and historical appeal, the TMX125 Alpha is expected to invade the market because of so many improvement points from its predecessor; nonetheless engine displacement is maintained at 125cc for cost efficiency – making it very affordable to all at the introductory price of Php 46,900 only, while retaining TMX’s well-known power, durability and fuel efficiency.

This new model now comes with more modern features such as the electric and kick starter (decomp) for hassle free and easy starting; a well-balanced 5-gear speed engine which is designed for speed and up-hill climb; a steering weights which lessen handle bar vibration; an Air Suction Valve (ASV) for cleaner emission; an Engine Switch for safer driving operation; Passing Light Switch for visible and safer overtaking; advanced Meter Panel which features RPM meter and digital gear indicator; durable side collar attachment for easy side car installation; and factory installed provision for secondary suspension.

TMX125 Alpha also comes with needle type carburetor; classic TMX fuel tank design; flat dual seat design; 18 inch tire; thicker wheel spoke; rear mud guard; flexible tail light and durable chrome nickel front fender.

The TMX125 Alpha has 3 color variants – candy ruby red, spectrolite blue metallic and Black.

The new TMX 125 Alpha is now ready to roll with power, speed, proven durability and load performance in the Philippine’s challenging road starting October 8, 2014.
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